Every festive day sees great events organized at the Grand Majestic mall. From competitions to experts talking, every single mall customer leaves the mall filled with the festive spirit. The Grand Majestic is not just a place to hang out, eat and shop, but a center that celebrates all the festivals under one roof.
Walk-in on special days and experience the fun and frolic at the Grand Majestic Mall.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas 2020 was well-celebrated at the Grand Majestic Mall with lavish festive decor on all floors that eventually spilled the spirit of Christmas. Every shop in the arena had pulled out their best decor not sparing the escalators. The mall had events organized with songs that kept the crowd on their feet. The Grand Majestic created beautiful experiences for the families that came to see the decor and sent them home filled with the Christmas spirit.

Valentine's Day Celebration

The Grand Majestic Mall celebrated Valentine’s Day on a grand scale. There were various events organized at the Mall. The Mall was decorated with the Valentine’s day theme The curated events had famous singers perform live keeping the crowd completely entertained and one of the biggest highlights of the day was, releasing helium balloons in the Atrium. Every helium balloon had the names of two very special people present in the crowd. The youth and couples of all ages joined in the celebration and made it a huge hit.

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