Company Philosophy

The Grand Majestic Commercial Centre is a project of the Ramnarayan Chellaram family, along with joint venture partners Mr. Ashwath Narayan, Mr. Krishnamurthy, and Dr. Nagbhushan. The RC family is well-known for the RC College, the first Commerce College in Bangalore, which takes pride in being the pioneers and the leaders in both government and industry. The family has a legacy of over 75 years in Bangalore and has diversified into several businesses such as Signage, Furniture, and Real Estate. The family continues the philanthropic nature of their forefathers by supporting several schools/colleges such as GRICP, RC Institute of Business Administration, Featherlite Pottery Town, Featherlite Primary Govt School in Yelahanka, etc.

Led by a Professional Management team of experts in Civil Engineering, Construction, Facility Management and Sales and Marketing, the commercial complex is a landmark in the heart of Gandhinagar, Bangalore.

Company Philosophy



Mr. Gupta, a trained project engineer, has 28 years of hardcore experience in executing large industrial, institutional, and commercial projects all over the country.

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Sr. Manager- Leasing & Sales

Inculcating 9 years of experience in Real Estate Sales & Marketing, Business Development, and Channel Management in residential and commercial Sales.

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General Manager- Facility

Mr. Ashwathkumar is a Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering at National Institute of Management in Bangalore. I am in this family since 2018 as a General Manager

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